Edible Potency and Tolerance Explained

Edible Potency and Tolerance Explained

When looking for edibles for sale online you may be wondering how to properly assess your own cannabis tolerance and what level of potency may work best for you.

Tolerance is how much of a drug you have to take to elicit a biological response. Tolerance can vary greatly from person to person. Your tolerance to a drug will also depend on the drugs potency.

Potency is how much a drug is needed to elicit a biological response within any individual.

Tetrahydrocannabinol(THC) isn't the only cannabinoid present in cannabis, so it's hard to go off that measurement alone.

Ideally, you want to be looking at the total cannabinoid profile of that particular strain to assess what effects you can expect from consuming it. Unfortunately, this type of information isn't always readily available and the only way to know for certain how a  cannabis strain will affect you is to have tried that strain before. You can also do a strain look-up on various websites to see what other people report feeling when consuming that strain.

The only sure way of knowing is to have a lab test done yourself if the information isn't given with the product.

When buying edibles online you want to look for the dosage of THC within the product title or within the product description. 10-50 milligram of THC is considered to be a light dose or something recommended for a beginner. 50-100 Milligrams of THC being a moderate dose. 100-250 milligrams would be considered a high dose and only recommended for an experienced user.

A new user shouldn't go above 100 milligrams of THC for their first time as the results can be negative. As a moderate user shouldn't go above 400 milligrams of THC as results can be negative.

When buying CBD edibles online you want to aim to have 30 milligrams of CBD per capsule/edible.


Proper dosing of THC can lead to effects of euphoria, enhanced visuals effects (more sense of colors, slow motion), loss of perception of space and time, heightened energy, heightened spiritual or empathic connection, deep sleep, and in some cases vivid dreams.

Proper dosing of CBD can lead to effects of relaxation, lessened anxiety symptoms, deep sleep, sleep aid, and mild pain relief.

Effects can easily magnify when your dose doubles as the user may become impatient for effects. We  advise waiting 45 minutes to get a sense of how your current dose will affect you. The effects can vary with body mass, tolerance, and daily cannabis usage.

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