Top Five Interesting Facts About Cannabis Edibles

Top Five Interesting "Did You Know Facts" About Cannabis Edibles


1. Decarboxylation: Did you know decarboxylation must take place for  an edible to be effective? Decarboxylation is the process of turning delta-9-THC into THC by means of heating cannabis to 250F for 25-35 minutes depending on the starting form used(ie. Kief, Flower, Concentrate).

2. High Duration: Did you know a cannabis edible high can last 6-12 hours depending on tolerance and dose? As 11-OH-THC passes the blood brain barrier more rapidly and with more strength than regular THC from smoking. A cannabis edible high can last a lot longer than smoking alone.

3. On-Set: Did you know a cannabis edible high can have an on-set of 15-30 minutes before effects are felt by the user? Cannabis edibles need time to be processed by the digestion system and the liver and this can delay effects for up to 30 minutes! However, advancement in the cannabis industry are coming up with ways to reduce the time is takes for edibles to kick in by increasing bio-availability.

4. 11-OH-THC: Did you know 11-OH-THC is only produced in the body by consumption of a cannabis edible? 11-OH-THC is THC's meaner cousin and is only present when a cannabis edible is processed by the liver in the body. Some people speculate that 11-OH-THC is ten times stronger than regular THC alone.

5. Multiple Forms: Did you know cannabis edibles come in multiple forms? It's true! It's not just brownies anymore that are being made into cannabis edibles. There is everything from beverages, capsules, cooking oils, various baked good, chocolate and much more! With new advancement in the cannabis industry new product are coming out all the time!

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