Edible Gummy Bear
Edible Gummy Bears - 150mg THC

Edible Gummy Bears - 150mg THC

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Description: Perfect for micro-dosing you will absolutely fall in love with these adorable little bear gummies. These are discreet, portable, and fun to share with like-minded individuals like yourself! Each bear contains 10 miligrams of THC!


  • Lab Potency Tested High-Performance Oils 

  • No Carcinogens 

  • Fast Onset and Long Duration 

  • Discreet, Effective, and Economical 

  • 11-OH-THC 

    How to use: Take 1 edible bear wait 15-30 minutes for effects before taking another. Continue until desired effects.

    Storage: Should be kept refrigerated to keep the edible from spoiling or melting

    Contents: 15 bears @ 10mg THC each

    Strain Type: Hybrid

    Ingredients:​ Sugars (corn syrup), Water, Gelatin, Cannabis Infused MCT Oil, citric acid, adipic acid, sodium phosphate, fumaric acid, potassium sorbate, Natural and artificial flavors

    Disclaimer: This product contains 150 mg of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is roughly 15 standard dose with each bear being 1 standard dose. This product should be remain locked and out of the sight and reach of children. Must be 19 years or older to purchase.

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